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At Aquila Cakehouse, we believe that every celebration, big or small, deserves a touch of sweetness. Nestled in the heart of Nairobi, our bakery is not just a place to savor delectable treats but a haven where memories are crafted and moments are celebrated.

Quality Ingredients, Unforgettable Flavors

We believe in the power of quality ingredients to elevate the taste experience. From the finest chocolates to the freshest fruits, we source only the best to ensure that every bite is a symphony of flavors. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond taste. It’s a promise to deliver treats that not only satiate your cravings but create lasting impressions.

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Aquila’s Bespoke Creations

At Aquila Cakehouse, we understand that every celebration is unique. That’s why we take pride in offering bespoke creations that capture the essence of your special moments. Whether it’s a whimsical birthday cake, an elegant wedding dessert, or a simple treat to brighten your day, we will turn your sweet dreams into reality.

Baking with love

Our Signature Touch

Inspired by a blend of traditional recipes and contemporary trends, each creation boasts a touch of innovation and a sprinkle of Aquila magic. Our cakes are not merely desserts, they are edible works of art, each designed to captivate your senses and leave an indelible mark on your taste buds.

Fresh & Tasty Bakery every day

We take pride in being a part of your celebrations, milestones, and everyday moments.

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